Technical Plans
R&D Outsourcing of Projects

MGS Life Sci-Tech is in possession of technical teams having 15 years experience in the R&D of medical device products, who are good at providing medical device companies with comprehensive design, development and technical (engineering) transformation services, able to help them to realize innovative medical equipment products in terms of requirements definition, design, development, engineering transformation and management services such as superior resources of suppliers. Under the premise of ensuring the legality and compliance of product design and development, it helps effectively reduce the comprehensive design and development cost by more than 40% and shorten the design and development cycle by 60%.


R&D Team


The Company has a technical team of 30 senior R&D engineers, 100% of whom are holders of degree higher than bachelor’s degree, 40% of whom are holders of degree higher than master’s degree, and 10% of whom are holders of doctor’s degree.

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