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Mega-Surplus (Shenzhen) Life Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “MGS Life Sci-Tech”) focuses on delivering total industrialization solutions for innovation and startup projects of medical devices, integrates superior resources of scientific research institutes, industrial chain and suppliers, facilitates transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and landing of IP industry, reduces the costs and risks of projects on the premise of compliance with laws and regulations, high quality and fast speed, to maximize the value of scientific and technological achievements. Centering on major requirements of medical device industry for innovative development, the Company provides full-chain services integrating lifecycle management of medical devices, design and R&D of medical devices engineering, integration of supply chain, establishment of quality management system, commissioned production and R&D, registration application, and IP application for scientific research institutes, medical establishments, entrepreneurial teams and manufacturing enterprises,, to help transform industries and implement technologies.

Following services are available:
Engineering design and R&D
Supply chain partnership
Establishment of quality management system
Commissioned production and R&D
Registration application
IP planning and application

Fields of transformation of achievements



Transformation of achievements services



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