Incubation Services
Industry Platform
The Company focuses on new technologies, new products, new models and new business formats in the field of medical devices, builds public technical service platform together with famous institutions such as National Innovation Center for Advanced Medical Devices, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of Chinese Academy of Sciences and a hospital, establishes industrial service platform using the resources of all parties involved, provides settled enterprises and R&D teams with such services as sharing of R&D equipment, technical support, clinical application, resources docking, industry information, policy and other services. The platform has successfully helped incubate two companies, Gongjin Electronics and EDAN Instruments, to go public. New biomedical unicorns in biomedical industry, such as Relia Biotechnologies, XpectVision Technology, Synceres Biotech and SISDC are growing rapidly in the Park

1 Industrial Facilities
Provide medical device public technical service platform, laboratory and testing center.

2 Industrial Technologies
Provide medical device technical support and medical engineering design.

3 Industrial Resources
Dock with research institutions, medical establishments, industry associations, domestic well-known enterprises in the industry and international medical resources.

4 Industry Information
Push the latest trends in the industry, domestic and foreign cutting-edge technologies, clinical regulations, and exhibition information.

5 Industrial Policy
Consolidate the information of government funding declaration and provide project and qualification application services.

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