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Researcher of Medical Device Industry
Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for market research and information collection of the medical device industry, cmarket segments and target customers, including suppliers and partners, etc.; Responsible for collection and analysis of competitors’ intelligence information, and analysis of competitors’ products;
2. Responsible for long-term follow-up research on the designated segment fields, and output weekly reports, monthly reports and topic research reports;
3. Responsible for special research projects designated by the customers, and for fully understanding customers’ requirements, and giving high-quality research reports;
4. Responsible for the daily management and maintenance of media related to the Company's brand (such as website, WeChat official account, etc.); and
5. Complete other work and tasks assigned by the Company

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor’s degree or higher degree in Materials, Industrial Economics, Biomedical Engineering, Clinical Medicine, Marketing or related major;
2. Interested in research work, able to concentrate on analyzing data, researching information, exploring laws, putting forward opinions, and gaining insights into industry trends, technology trends and product trends through industry research, and eventually become an excellent product manager;
3. Good English reading and writing skills, able to study the overseas medical device market, not limited to the latest overseas medical device products and cutting-edge clinical technologies;
4. Understand a certain field of medical devices and have research expertise, such as high value consumables, domestic medical devices, biological materials, etc.;
5. With strong learning ability, able to quickly absorb new knowledge, practical, careful, hardworking and self-motivated, able to work under pressure;
6. Fluent in writing, clear in thinking, good at writing market research reports and producing PPT documents, good PPT presentation skills and explanation ability; and
7. Candidate with experience in industry analysis, market research and familiarizing with medical industry is preferred.
Interested applicants may send their CV to: Email: marketing@mgs-yl.com.cn

Please send your resume to:
Investment Promotion Manager
Job responsibilities:

1. Senior high school degree or higher; and
2. Standard mandarin, approachable, with strong communication skills, learning ability, and strong sense of responsibility, love, and patience

Job requirements:

1. Responsible for collecting information on national, provincial and municipal preferential investment policies, and drafting investment promotion policy plans;
2. Responsible for collecting and consolidating industry information, as well as writing research reports;
3. Assist in the production of Investment Promotion Guide, PPT and other investment promotion materials;
4. Responsible for the establishing and maintaining investment promotion channels; and
5. Responsible for drafting relevant analysis reports of investment promotion projects;
Interested applicants may send their CV to:
Email: wangyx@seg.com.cn

Please send your resume to:
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