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Mega-Surplus (Shenzhen) Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter "MGS Group") was founded in 2005 and is based in Shekou Free Trade Zone, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China's reform and opening-up and economic development hub. MGS Group integrates upstream research strength with terminal market resources, and is committed to creating a comprehensive medical technology innovation platform integrating "high-tech transformation + industry incubation," adhering to the business philosophy of "Landing Technology, Nesting Innovation." Through many years of development, the Company has developed an industrial development eco-chain conglomerate that integrates incubation and venture capital investment of industrial space and biomedical industry.

Nanshan Medical Device Industrial Park, MGS Group's representative industrial park, offers a wide range of green channel services to established businesses, including personnel, finance, and taxation training exchanges, IP transactions, high-tech project application and certification, special fund application, industrial resource docking, and investment- and financing-based incubation. The Company has received numerous awards for its professional and superior services as well as outstanding industrial achievements, including the “National Demonstration Base for Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrading of Medical Devices,” the “Shenzhen Characteristic Industrial Upgrading Demonstration Park,” and others. Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology (SIAT) of Chinese Academy of Sciences is the first customer settled in the Park. Following their incubation in the Park, industry leaders such as EDAN Instruments and Gongjin Electronics became listed. New biomedical unicorns in biomedical industry, such as Relia Biotechnologies, XpectVision Technology, Synceres Biotech and SISDC are growing rapidly in the Park.

In 2020, the Group invested in the construction of a variety of infrastructures, including an advanced medical devices technology transformation center and an engineering R&D CDMO platform (including GMP 10,000-grade cleanliness and announcement experimental spaces), and took initiatives for in-depth cooperation with scientific research institutions, local governments, and medical establishments to build an international platform for innovative transformation of medical technological achievements. After more than one year of development and innovation, the CDMO R&D platform of the Group has been granted the national high-tech qualification. It is the CDMO special platform of the National Innovation Center for Advanced Medical Devices, one of the first 100 members of China Strategic Innovation Alliance of Advanced Medical Device Technology, and the CDMO special platform of Guangdong Shenzhen-Guangzhou High-end Medical Device Cluster. The Group has developed into a forerunner in engineering R&D and transformation of advanced medical device and industrial aggregation highland in Shenzhen.

MGS Group has an experienced and dynamic management team that has been pushing forward for 15 years. The Group will live by the fundamental principles of "Learning, Responsibility, Pragmatism, Sharing, Innovation, and Win-Win," embrace innovation as its corporate core concept, consistently cultivate and introduce talents, and continually improve the level of its innovative services.

MGS Group will focus on consumers and continue consistent growth in the future, with market as the perspective, industry as the carrier, and technology as the engine. It will continue to develop the world's leading biomedical technology innovation platform, linking biomedical high-tech enterprises and research institutions, medical institutions, and institutional investors for multiple interactions, promoting the integration and interconnection of clinical application and scientific research, technologies, and industries, and integrating resources to empower entrepreneurship.

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